My lastest work. A comic without text. A cyberpunk story when the little-one infronts the bully.  A distopical world with mecha-animals. Q33N-R4T is my metaphor of today times, when the big tyran smashes everything, the single-one realizes you are not alone, you have to find the main power: “WE ARE MANY”.

The comic is the perfect excuse to develop my illustration skills in a real story-tellyng challenge. Very bold character design. I love draw mecha-everything is my personal fetish. When i draw, i wan to know the imaginary function of the character, very deep inside, when you can imagine every single detail of the clockwork inside your character is trully alive.

November 15 2019 was the launching day of Q33N R4T Project. Bogotá, Usaquén’s Wework was the background, a lot of friends an family come with me to asist my first comic born. This footage is my selfie-video of my launching speach. Enjoy it please.

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