CaosMagic Landignpage

Teaming up with the photographer Andres Zuluaga we got a CaosMagic e-commerce project. A very responsive landingpage, a very usefull tool for a small business. In 2020 CaosMagic as a many of small business have to say good bye to the showroom sell format. In this project meets a very tastefull art direction with a clever ideas of content marketing.

Context photographies, fashion eye-candy images and the best web buy experience are the perfect mix to achieve a handy tool to make a small bussines got a big impact.

Responsive desing is the new norm. the smartphones are the main way to web-explore, CaosMagic page use Bootstrap responsive columns, optimizes the design for smartphones and tablets. Every single product have an eyecady context pictures, several indie photograpers work with the brand an looks like a fine art photography portfolio to complement the buy experience.

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